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          C to A Cable

          C to A Cable
          Stereo Communications Headset


          product performance

          DescriptionUSB Type-C to USB 3.1 Standard-A Cable and?Adapter? (CA2-1.5 ACON P/N: CBAUB-C04-100A) L=1M (CA3G2-1.5 ACON P/N: CBAUB-C05-100A) L=1M ( CAR3 G1-1.5 ACON P/N: CBAUB-C12-015A)L=0.15M
          C to A CableFeatureUSB3.1 Gen 1(5Gbit/s) and Gen 2(10Gbit/s) with higher data rate roadmap Standard 3A current rating PD 5A current rating option One cable with power charging, data transfer, DP video and audio capability
          ApplicationsStorage (Personal Cloud, Network-Attached Storage) Smartphone Tablet Notebook (Laptops) Hybrid-Detachable (NB-Tablets) Docking Peripherals (Monitor/Display, Projector…) Automotive Infotainment Home Entertainment
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