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          Job Openings

          1、System Acoustics Manager
          Basic Qualifications:
          1.Bachelor Degree or higher in relevant technical field (Physics, Acoustics, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.)
          2.8+ years of experience in audio product design, especially headphone and portable speaker design.
          3.Expert in electro-acoustic measurement system and techniques.
          4.Experience with AP and SoundCheck desired.
          5.Expert in critical listening and subjective evaluation.
          6.Experience in transducer design.
          7.Experience in transducer and system modeling tools.
          8、Experience with production line test equipment.
          9、Experience with EQ and audio signal processing.
          10.Ability to handle the details of multiple products and customers in a fast paced environment.
          Essential Responsibilities:
          1.Lead their department in establishing best practices for measuring and evaluating the acoustic performance of every product we build.
          2.Assist customers in mechanical, electronics and software design decisions that will yield optimized acoustic performance for their products.
          3.Lead the selection of microphones and drivers that are best suited to product application.
          4.Ensure that new product designs are thoroughly measured, evaluated and qualified during the design process.
          5.Keep up to date on industry trends and help to introduce new and innovative features to our customers.
          6.Manage the equipment usage of our acoustic measurement laboratory.
          7.Work with our manufacturing test engineering team to ensure that product acoustic performance is tested appropriately in mass production.

          2、Product manager 1
          1.Over five years’ working experience in the project management of electronic products, familiar with the tool, method and procedure of project management.
          2.Have experience in consumer electronic industry, experience in earphones and audio products will be preferred.
          3.Familiar with the procedures and standardization requirements of R&D, purchase, quality control and manufacture, proficient in internal audit of ISO and examination of big customer’s qualification.
          4.Be able to manage a project team well, English can be working language.
          1.Responsible for project management from project initiation to production.
          2.Responsible for making project plans according to the requirements of customers.
          3.Responsible for coordination of project team and other department, ensure the project can be finished on time.
          4.Responsible for direct communication with customers and construction and management of the whole project team.

          3、Sales manager 2
          Requirements: College degree or above, over 5 years’ working experience in marketing management.
          2. Good English skills
          3. Familiar with electro-acoustic and communication industry, the experienced will be preferred.
          4. skilled in the management of multiunit sales team.
          5. Good ability to organize and coordinate.
          1.Responsible for sales team building.
          2.Responsible for the completion of company’s yearly and monthly sales targets.

          4、Salesman in Japanese 2
          1.College degree or above, level One in JPT, Fluent in communication in Japanese
          2.Experience in selling earphones and audio products, have ability to develop markets.
          3.Active and positive attitudes towards work, good ability to cope with stress, the one with big customer resource will be preferred.
          1.Responsible for new customer development of earphone and audio products, and maintenance of regular customers.
          2.Responsible for analysis and summary of business data and the development of new business channels.
          3.Responsible for coordination work related to marketing.

          5、Electronics Engineer 2
          1.Over five years’working experience as the same position.
          2.Bachelor Degree or above, majored in electronics,computer,electromechanics,etc. Familiar with product development such as Bluetooth, wireless 2.4G USB, stereo headphones, line-control earphones, noise canceling earphones, etc. Experience in product test and certification.
          3.Familiar with EMC, EMI certification standards, the markets, price, and suppliers of electronic components. Know well about electronics manufacturing, quality requirements and test automation, etc.
          4.Good English skills, can read related English technical materials fluently, good oral English in communication.
          1.Responsible for electronic development of new products, and follow up derivative projects.
          2.Circuit design, LAOUT, debugging, sample making, solve problem of trial produce and volume produce
          3.Participation in quotation of new products, offer electronic design documents, and join in design review.