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      Audio Product Design, Development, and Manufacturing

      Since 2001, Horn has been supplying major brands with new audio product designs, affordable manufacturing, and reliable supply chain management solutions. When you need efficiency and durability at the right price, turn to us.

      Horn History

      Ms. Wang Li founded Shenzhen Horn Audio Co., Ltd in? 2001, ?and Nanchang Haoquan Electronics Co., Ltd., Horn (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. and Hunan Yingzhun Technology Co., Ltd. were established successively in 2011, 2017 and 2019.

      Gaming Headsets

      Gaming Headsets

      The gaming headset market is growing, but customers are more demanding than ever. We use cutting-edge technology to help you design and deliver products gamers will love.



      Portable speakers with Bluetooth connectivity are showing up everywhere. Why not break into the market with branded units that are stylish, functional, and made with premium components.



      Earbuds can be used to enhance audio, block out distracting sounds, and make a fashion statement. As leaders in earbud design and production, we can help you take your products from design to market.

      Mircophones & drivers

      Microphones & Drivers

      No matter what size you need, or how it will be used, fidelity and signal strength can’t be sacrificed. Let our team of engineers get to work designing and manufacturing to your specs!